Larry Bird Thought There Was 'No Way in Hell' DeAndre Jordan Would Make It in the NBA

Larry Bird went from questioning DeAndre Jordan's future in the NBA to being "so proud" of his development through the years.

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Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is an eight-year NBA veteran, two-time All-Defensive First Team member, and was named to the All-NBA First Team last season.

Forget all the accolades. Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird is stunned Jordan is in the league.

In an interview with David Aldridge of, Bird admits that when the former Texas A&M product came to work out for the Pacers, he wasn't impressed. "When he came in here to work out the first time, I couldn’t believe the kid was even thinking about coming out," he said. "He was tall, he could run and he could jump. But basketball (skills)? Had none."

Bird says he's "amazed" by Jordan's unprecedented progress, especially when he never thought DeAndre had a future in the league. "And I am amazed, I am truly amazed how this young man has developed his game from where he was to the point he’s at today," he said. "I’ve never seen that before. I’ve seen guys get a lot better, but when he came in there that day, we had Roy Hibbert, we had some other big guys in here. I really felt sorry for the kid. I thought there’s no way in hell this kid will ever make it in this league."

Larry Legend is not only happy to be wrong about his assessment of Jordan nowadays, but he enjoys those moments when a collegiate player comes into the league with plenty of doubt surrounding his future only to defy the odds. 

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