Kyle Orton's Retirement From the NFL Is the Stuff of Legends

Marshawn Lynch may want to do the same thing.

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After a decade in the NFL, Kyle Orton decided to call it a career earlier today. It was a move for Orton that was mostly rooted in spending more time with his family. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But, here's where the 32-year-old quarterback separates himself from the pack.

According to Prescott Rossi, here is the unique way that Orton decided to "announce his retirement."


So, to recap: Orton told the media he would be right back to conduct interviews and just left the game of football altogether. What an awesome way to leave the NFL for good. With Marshawn Lynch currently considering retirement, we wouldn't be all that shocked to see him pull an Orton when he decides to hang up his cleats. 

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