Jared Dudley Speaks Out About Snoop Dogg's 'Personal' Criticism of Danny Green During Finals

Jared Dudley spoke with Complex's 'Load Management' podcast about what he thought about Snoop Dogg's remarks towards Danny Green.

Danny Green reacts during the fourth quarter against the Heat in Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Finals.
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Danny Green reacts during the fourth quarter against the Heat in Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Finals.

Jared Dudley didn't appreciate one comment in particular made by Snoop Dogg about his Los Angeles Lakers teammate Danny Green following Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Finals. "I'm someone where I don't question your fandom, because for one, he's solidified, he's cemented when it comes to fandom," Dudley said of Snoop's allegiance to the Lakers on Complex's Load Management podcast. "I'm questioning your tactic on a trying to help a player help win your team a championship." 

"My only problem with it was you can't call no man a bitch," Dudley continued. "My whole thing is when you come to that, now we're getting on something personal." In a contest highlighted by a 35-point triple-double from Jimmy Butler, and LeBron's 40-point performance, the outcome of Game 5 hinged on a game-winning three-point attempt by Green. 

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Green's shot came up just short, and Markieff Morris' errant pass thereafter kept the Heat alive for another game. Green, a career 38.7 percent shooter from beyond the arc during the playoffs, was widely criticized for failing to rise to the occasion, and Snoop joined in, calling him a "bitch." 

"And you know when you grow up, I don't care what age you are, you hear that word, you're automatically thinking fighting. We're not fighting Snoop Dogg. He's a fan," Dudley explained. "My whole thing was that he wanted to win so bad, (he) got out of character. We all get out of character. I do that with my kids when I get mad at them when they slip up and I say something or do something I regret." 

While Dudley understands the frustrations of a Lakers fan base that was staring its 17th NBA championship right in the eyes when Green took that wide-open shot, he also hopes that those same fans can try to comprehend the amount of preparation that goes into that one moment.

"I get it, but it’s like listen, you don’t think this man wants to hit a shot? This man shoots hundreds of shots every day. You don’t know what he’s going through in his personal life," Dudley said. "And you know what? No fan wants to hear all that. I agree. You don’t have to hear about it, just let the man work his way up, and look at it, next game, we win, he hits two threes, and now all is forgotten.”

Listen to Dudley's entire interview with the Load Management podcast below.


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