Snoop Dogg and More Lakers Fans Are Baffled By Danny Green's Missed Shot That Cost Game 5 Victory

Snoop aired his frustrations out via Instagram at the Lakers' Danny Green, who missed a key shot in the final seconds of Game 5.

snoop dogg la lakers

Image via Getty/Scott Legato

snoop dogg la lakers

Snoop Dogg is one of several Lakers fans who is teeming with disappointment at the Lakers NBA Finals Game 5 defeat to Miami Heat, which landed at 111-108.

Namely, Snoop's point of contention is aimed at Danny Green for his performance in the nail-biting final seconds of the game. Following a pair of successful free throws from Jimmy Butler that one-upped the scoreboard for the Heat, LeBron James gained the ball up the court with only 16 seconds remaining.

His opponents nearly stole it back as he hauled toward the basket, but as they encroached him, LeBron launched a pass to Danny Green at the top of the three-point line. Unfortunately for the Showtime squad, Green missed the three-pointer just when the clock was down to the wire, and what would have been a championship-securing shot quickly turned into a turnover from Markieff Morris. 

Airing his frustrations with the rest of NBA Instagram and Twitter, Snoop directed his fury at Green for the missed shot. The Long Beach native posted a photo of Green with the back of his jersey photoshopped to read, "How many more f*cking threes am I going to miss." He captioned the photo with, "Get ya ass bac in the gym right now f*ck going to sleep get ya shot right fool we one game away w. T. F is u doing."


Snoop shared the same sentiments as other Lakers fans, who duly clowned Green and Morris for squandering what they hoped would have been a night of bragging rights for the championship title. See their reactions to the game-slumping throw below: 

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