Donald Trump Blasts Roger Goodell: 'He’s a Stupid Guy'

Nothing will shake Donald Trump's loyalty to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady.

Donald Trump existing.
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Donald Trump existing.

It's not that often you can say you have something in common with Donald Trump, but here's one idea we can all get behind: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a "stupid guy." In a piece published earlier today,  New York Times chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich recalls a conversation he had with Trump in "the fall of 2015." After Trump discovered that Leibovich had recently spent some time around the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady, The Donald became "even more animated" and demanded that the writer get Brady to "say nice things about him."

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Given his close friendships with Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Trump wasn't pleased with the way Goodell handled the whole DeflateGate scandal, which resulted in the two-time league MVP receiving a four-game suspension this season. Trump remembers a conversation he had with Kraft where the Pats owner believed that he had a "wink" deal in place with Goodell, if he stopped fighting Brady's suspension. As we all know now, there was no deal. 

Trump made sure to remind Kraft of the huge mistake he made. "He choked, just like Romney choked," he said, per the New York Times. "I said, ‘Bob when you make a deal, you should have gotten it all wrapped up.’ Who ever heard of making a deal like that? Now you got this mess.” As for his feelings towards the NFL commissioner, Trump isn't shy about voicing his opinion. 

“The commissioner is a weak guy,” Trump said. “When he made the Ray Rice deal, everybody said: You’re stupid. You’re weak. And it was such a weak deal. So now he’s going overboard with their star, Brady.”

We can't believe we're saying this, but we couldn't...agree...more. 

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