Ciara Discusses Her Struggles on Remaining Celibate With Russell Wilson on "Watch What Happens Live"

They haven't hit the "home run" yet, but don't rule out third base.

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On Tuesday, Ciara appeared on Watch What Happens: Live, along with Joy Behar. During the episode, one caller brought up the decision to abstain from having sex with boyfriend Russell Wilson until marriage. While the 29-year-old singer did mention that this approach helps strengthen their bond and build their friendship in the long run, host Andy Cohen asked an interesting follow-up question. Can they go to other bases without "hitting a home run"?

What was Ciara's response? "You just can't knock it do the home run."

C'mon, Russell. Ciara isn't saying complete sentences and she's making gestures like the one below when talking about having sex with you.

You're killing her, fam! Check out the entire clip below.  

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