The Travel Aliases for the 2012-2013 New York Knicks Will Brighten Even the Most Depressed Knicks Fan's Day

Carmelo Anthony could totally be Nucky Thompson in a past life

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Travel aliases for professional sports teams never fail to disappoint, but the ones the New York Knicks used for their players during the 2012-2013 NBA season may be the peak of creativity. 

Whatever employee came up with this should be given some sort of award. This list might be the best thing you'll see about the Knicks for the next decade. The highlights:


-Carmelo Anthony as Nucky Thompson, because 'Melo would totally run the Atlantic City casino underworld just so he could stunt in those ridiculous hats he loves so much without being judged. LaLa could own a clothing store that doubled as a front for smuggling alcohol during Prohibition. IT'S PERFECT.


-Iman Shumpert as John Stamos. Immaculate hair? Check. Dating a smoking hot chick? Check. Shumpert and Stamos are basically the same person. Shumpert would've raised the Olsen twins right, too, saving them from future mishaps like drugs and "Passport to Paris."

-Marcus Camby as Christopher Wallace, because if Biggie Smalls was reincarnated, he would totally come back as a shot-blocking big man who has played in the NBA for 1,000 years, right?

-Raymond Felton as Ace Boogie. This nickname should refer to Felton's on-again-off-again beer belly, since it boogied right down the court with him when he brought the ball up. 

Ah, the 2012-2013 New York Knicks. What a team. 

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