17 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Odell Beckham Jr.

It seems like an eternity ago when he caught his first one-handed catch, but Odell Beckham, Jr. has only been in the league for two seasons.

odell beckham jr new york giants

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odell beckham jr new york giants

It seems like an eternity ago when he caught his first one-handed catch, but Odell Beckham, Jr. has only been in the league for two seasons. Since his debut last year, the 2014 Offensive Rookie of the Year has taken the game by storm to become the league's most electrifying receiver while breaking records in the process.

With the most receptions a player's ever had in his first two seasons, a Pro Bowl appearance in his rookie season, and a Madden cover, Beckham has already attained household name status. And while his receiving stats and crazy catches have something to do with that, it's his expressive personality both on and off the field that is turning the most heads lately. From fights with defensive backs to walking red carpets to being spotted with A-listers like Anna Wintour, Odell’s name is constantly in headlines.

But Beckham's still new—how much do we really know about him? Consider this your crash course. Here are 17 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know about Odell Beckham, Jr.


1. He considers Shaq an uncle.

shaquille oneal

2. His favorite romantic movie is “Lady and the Tramp.”

lady and the tramp

3. He proclaims that his style icon is himself.

odell beckham espys

4. He's only 5-foot-11

odell beckham height

5. His parents were both accomplished athletes.

odell beckham mom

6. Jarvis Landry is the reason for Odell’s infamous one-handed catch.

odell beckham and jarvis landry

7. Beckham and Eli Manning have a history together before the Giants.

eli manning and odell beckham

8. His favorite actor is Martin Lawrence.

martin lawrence and tisha campbell

9. His favorite meal is his dad's chicken casserole.

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10. He earned a tryout for the U.S. National Youth Soccer Team at only 13 years old.

odell beckham jr 13

11. He’s the youngest player to appear on the Madden cover.

odell beckham the new york giants

12. His favorite Kardashian, if he had to pick, is Kim.

kim kardashian kkw beauty launch

13. He always knew he'd be playing on Sundays.

odell beckham warm up

14. His dream is to one day own a pair of Nike Air Mags.

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15. His idol is LeBron James.

lebron james and odell beckham jr

16. Drake motivates him to be great.

drake coachella

17. His childhood idol was David Beckham.

david beckham

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