Vladimir Putin Thinks Sepp Blatter Deserves to Win a Nobel Prize

I wouldn't bet on it actually happening, though.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks that the next Nobel Prize should go to Sepp Blatter. It's not worth placing a bet on, though.

For Putin, the people in charge of the world's major sporting federations don't get the praise they deserve. Putin's full of praise for Blatter and people like him, though, saying: "if there is anyone who deserves a Nobel Prize, it's those people."

It's probably not going to happen, is it?

Despite such a ringing endorsement, it's pretty unlikely that Blatter will be following in the footsteps of Mother Theresa, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. It's even more unlikely considering the scandal that is currently engulfing Blatter and FIFA. For what it's worth, Putin doesn't think Blatter's done anything wrong: "I don't believe a word about him being involved in corruption."

With everything going on, Putin is a rare ally for Blatter. With friends like that, who needs enemies? 

[via BBC]

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