NFL Players Criticize League’s New Policy Against Postgame Jersey-Swapping

Richard Sherman, Darius Slay, Stefon Diggs, and others criticized news of the NFL's new policy prohibiting the swapping of jerseys postgame.


Image via Getty/Icon Sportswire


As professional sports gear up to commence play amid COVID-19, it appears as though the NFL will be implementing new rules to try and establish stricter health and safety guidelines. According to NFL reporter Tom Pelissero, the league will be prohibiting postgame interactions between players within six feet of each other, as well as the customary exchanging of jerseys, during the 2020 season. 

While this appears to be one of several ways the NFL will try to combat the spread of COVID-19 this season, several players in the league are upset at the policy, questioning how it makes sense when football is already such a contact sport.

Richard Sherman was one of the NFL players who criticized the new policy, calling into question why players can engage in a full-contact sport but then be at a health risk by exchanging jerseys afterward. Other players, like Darius Slay and Stefon Diggs, shared the same sentiments as Sherman.

While it does appear this new policy is a bit backwards for the NFL to implement since players will most likely be at risk of contracting the virus by playing in the first place, it is still unclear whether they'll walk back the new rule at all.

Check out what others had to say about the NFL's supposed new no jersey-swapping policy down below.

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