Fans Think J. Cole Is Hinting at Trying Out for NBA in New Sneaker Ad

J. Cole released a stunning new commercial for his upcoming Dreamer sneaker that was narrated by Master P, and it has fans wondering about his hoop dreams.

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On Thursday, J. Cole released a stunning new commercial for his upcoming Dreamer sneaker.

☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️DREAMER☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ Thank you og @MasterPMiller 🙏🏿

Dreamer available tomorrow @puma @footlocker

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) July 30, 2020

With his signature Puma sneaker set to drop on Friday, the clip features Cole exhausted in the gym, as he is simultaneously working on his jump shot in the background. Master P, who narrates the ad, says, "You can't be serious. I know you ain't bout to try and do what I think you bout to try to do, cause that would be crazy. And you ain't crazy is you? I mean, what's the odds?"

Could this be a hint that Cole is gunning for the NBA? In a recent article that Cole himself penned for The Players Tribune, the Carolina rapper talked about how his goal was once to make it to the NBA before it was to make it into Jay-Z's office and become a major rapper. Titled "TheAudacity," Cole closed the essay by pondering whether he can still live out his other dreams even if he might be past his prime.

"However, as I approach the summit of this mountain, I still find myself staring at that other one in the distance, wondering if I can climb," Cole wrote. "At 35 years old, I know that sounds crazy when said out loud, but I believe all of the best dreams do."

Further hinting that the ad and Cole's hoop dreams are connected is the fact that Master P is narrating it. Remember, he had an active rap career and tried out for the NBA at the same time. While he never actually played in a professional regular-season game, he did play, and score several points, in a preseason game for the Toronto Raptors.

Here's what Master P had to say about working with J. Cole on the ad.

P's final words in the clip mirror what every fan might be thinking after watching it. "I think the homie really trying to do it," he says. Check out what some fans thought about J. Cole's ad below. 

J Cole is going to try and make it to the NBA!! It’s no coincidence he had Master P narrating this.

— Warren Jay (@WarrenJayy) July 30, 2020

using @MasterPMiller as the voice over. HIS MIND! the timing. dreamville marketing is undefeated idc

— thedutchessofthebronx. (@TequillaJ_White) July 30, 2020

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