LeBron James, Lou Williams, and More Tweet Support for Adrian Wojnarowski

LeBron James and other NBA players tweeted out #FreeWOJ a day after it was reported that ESPN suspended Adrian Wojnarowski for his response to a senator.

LeBron James training

Image via Getty/Bill Baptist

LeBron James training

On Sunday afternoon, LeBron James added his name to the #FreeWOJ movement with a pretty hard to misinterpret tweet that said "#FreeWOJ!!!" with some fist bump emojis:

James' tweet comes during the same weekend in which it was reported that ESPN had suspended their star NBA writer/reporter Adrian Wojnarowski (see "Woj," which I'm pretty sure you already knew if you clicked on this) without pay after he sent an email saying "Fuck you" in response to a press release from Josh Hawley, a Republican U.S. Senator from Missouri. 

That email was publicized/tweeted out by Hawley on Friday, and came after the senator addressed a letter to league commissioner Adam Silver asking why the NBA hadn't approved slogans in support of law enforcement and the military (or slogans critical of China's Communist Party) for players to wear on their jerseys when games are played later this month. The letter (which can be read here) also made a point to criticize the NBA for choosing to maintain their business relationship with China over advocating for Hong Kong. 

In response to the blow-up, Wojnarowski put out an apology that was, well, probably nudged a little by the ESPN higher-ups:

His suspension is set to last for two weeks, according to reports.

Anyway, fast forward to Sunday and, in addition to James, several other players also expressed support for the reporter. Cue some more tweets:

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