Kevin Hart and Blake Griffin Talk NBA, Comedy, and More in 'Cold as Balls'

It's pretty hilarious.

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A day after posting a video for the debut of an athlete interview series called Cold as Balls (with interview subject LaVar Ball), Kevin Hart has now put Blake Griffin through the same frigid ordeal.

And while using extreme physical discomfort for an interview may no longer be super original, the results of the interview are solid on account of Blake Griffin being, semi-low-key, a very funny dude who can keep up with the A-list host. 

I almost always hate when websites describe comedy in super-detail and take all the fun out of it, but here you go anyway: In the clip, Hart gets Griffin to speak on not playing for Oklahoma, how he ended up with red hair, if he ever got kicked in the crotch by Draymond Green, and who his favorite comedian is. Hart also asked Griffin who in the NBA he doesn't like.

The best sell is that Griffin's good throughout (though this appears to be pre-Pistons trade) and I wouldn't say that if I didn't really believe it.

Check out the whole thing above.

In related news, Kevin Hart is bringing an animated show called Lil Kev to Fox. A pilot has been ordered by the network. The show is based on Hart's childhood and will be written by Michael Price (The Simpsons) and Matt Claybrooks (Everybody Hates Chris). 

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