LaVar Ball is nothing if not a whole lot of extra. So we aren't the least bit surprised he brought his signature style to Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network segment "Cold As Balls." However, we weren’t expecting the obnoxiously proud patriarch to tell us who is least favorite son is.

In the hilarious clip, Hart interviews Ball while the two sit in ice baths—well, Hart tries his best. Hart asks the father of three, including Lakers player Lonzo Ball, which of his sons “may not make it," seeing as all of them have basketball ambitions. At first Ball firmly asserts, “They all three are going to make it!”


Hart pushes on, guessing that Ball’s least favorite son is his “middle one,” 19-year-old LiAngelo, prompting a visceral denial from Ball. “Shit, that’s the best one. You see the way he’s built?” Ball exclaims. I guess getting arrested in China for stealing wasn't enough for LiAngelo to fall out of his father's good graces. So by process of elimination, Hart then asserts it must be his youngest son, 16-year-old LaMelo. Ball hollers “You know what?!” but then doesn’t offer anything in the way of denial. “Hah! He don’t like his youngest son!” screams Hart. Damn. That’s colder than the ice baths.