NBA Reportedly Spoke to Raptors About Drake's Eastern Conference Finals Antics

Will Drake tone down his behavior for the Finals?


Image via Getty/Gregory Shamus


It is no secret that Drake takes pride in being the Raptors' most famous fan. But it appears as though his enthusiasm on the sidelines has rubbed the NBA the wrong way. 

On Wednesday, a league spokesperson disclosed to ESPN's Michele Steele that the NBA had a conversation with the Raptors regarding Drake's over-the-top antics during the Eastern Conference Finals. Although the report does not disclose the severity of the conversation or when it took place, the rapper ruffled a lot of feathers throughout the series.

During Game 3, Drake consistently heckled Giannis Antetokounmpo until it became a trending topic on Twitter. He then upped the intensity during Game 4 when he left his seat to give coach Nick Nurse a playful shoulder rub in the game's closing minutes after leading the crowd in jeering Giannis for missing a free throw. This not only angered Bucks fans, but it also lit a fire under one of Antetokounmpo's reps, who sent some not-so-subtle shots at Drake on Twitter.

This is not the first time Drake has been warned about his behavior. During last year's postseason, Drizzy got into a heated exchange with then-Cav Kendrick Perkins. The verbal confrontation continued into the postgame with the two allegedly yelling profanities at each other. As a result, the NBA instructed Drake to curb his behavior as he's a global ambassador for the Raptors and technically in business with the league. But with the Raptors appearing in their first ever NBA finals, the league will likely have its hands full trying to contain the 6ix God. 

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