Mike Tyson Hits a Foot-Long Joint With Cypress Hill’s B-Real

Both Tyson and B-Real have become successful businessmen in the cannabis industry.

Mike Tyson iHeart Radio

Image via Getty/Joe Scarnici

Mike Tyson iHeart Radio

Mike Tyson smoking a giant joint with B-Real from Cypress Hill is among the more random things one might see online. And yet, Friday, Feb. 8, a video began to go viral of the boxing legend taking a hit of what is said to be a foot-long joint. After a couple of pulls, he passes it to B-Real to complete the magic moment.  

Both the boxer and the rapper have become successful businessmen in the cannabis industry. Iron Mike is the founder of the Tyson Cultivation School, where he teaches farmers how to grow and develop strains of marijuana in addition to having a 20-acre ranch dedicated strictly to his weed ventures. B-Real owns his own dispensary in Los Angeles called Dr. Greenthumb, as well as manning a cannabis-based media company called BREALTV on which this bizarre video was featured. 

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