LeBron James Becomes Part-Owner of the Boston Red Sox

LeBron James and Maverick Carter joined Fenway Sports Group on Tuesday as partners, making them the first Black partners in the group’s history.


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Despite being a noted New York Yankees fan over the years, LeBron James made history with the enemy. 

On Tuesday, The Boston Globe reported that James, along with his good friend and business partner Maverick Carter joined Fenway Sports Group as partners making them part-owners of the Boston Red Sox. They’re also the first (and only) Black partners in the group’s history. 

LeBron James to become part owner of Red Sox, both he & Maverick Carter each join Fenway Sports Group as partners, first and only Black partners in FSG history.
FSG also approves $750M investment from RedBird Capital Partners. Deal pending MLB approval.https://t.co/N7gibdlNhs

— Michael Silverman (@MikeSilvermanBB) March 16, 2021

Along with James and Carter, the RedBird Capital Partners investment group is a new Fenway Sports Group partner. 

While the move may come as a shock to some, James already has an ownership stake in English soccer team Liverpool Football Club, which is also owned by Fenway Sports Group.

James’ transition from sole involvement with Liverpool to the club’s parent company suggests a deeper relationship has been established between himself and Fenway Sports Group. Sources also believe that Fenway Sports Group is looking to expand past its current holdings, including purchasing new teams. 

For the past few years, the NBA has been toying with the idea of expanding the league. Meanwhile, James has made it clear that he wants to one day own a basketball franchise. Both the NBA and Fenway Sports Group’s interest in growing may put James in the position to make his dream come true.

And while James is making a move that will benefit his post-basketball life, fans couldn’t help but take the easy lay-up by alluding to LeBron’s career-long dominance over the Boston Celtics. 

LeBron has owned Boston for a long time https://t.co/UiuVBq248T

— Nekias (Nuh-KY-us) Duncan (@NekiasNBA) March 16, 2021



LeBron when it’s time to own anything in Boston pic.twitter.com/rbAKzFzOY4

— Jasmine (@JasmineLWatkins) March 16, 2021



⏪: LeBron James, the newest part-owner of the Boston Red Sox, showing up to the TD Garden in a Yankees cap last year pic.twitter.com/fLAUbkSiRL

— 𝕂𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕚 𝔸. 𝕃𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕤 (@KwaniALunis) March 16, 2021


Congrats to Lebron James who now owns two Boston sports franchises.

— JustAnotherNBAFan™ (@AnotherNBAFan) March 16, 2021


LeBron owning a professional sports team in Boston is nothing new pic.twitter.com/oCRCM6U6ra

— 🌟Fake (@LALeBron23) March 16, 2021


LeBron was so inspired he decided to become a part owner of the Boston Red Sox. https://t.co/IUVqxIkSJE

— Shawn (@PalmerDesigns_) March 16, 2021


LeBron’s owned Boston for years tho. Guess this just makes it official. https://t.co/HXP1YMBseF

— Richard Staple, BSN, RN🇯🇲 (@RichStapless) March 16, 2021


LeBron has been a part-owner of Boston sports since 2011, nothing new here https://t.co/OkPC2Gbvbp

— Tony Pesta (@Tony_Pesta) March 16, 2021


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