Eric Reid Says He's Already Had 3 'Random' Drug Tests This Year

Reid plans to continue kneeling during the national anthem this season.

Since his return to the NFL in 2018, Eric Reid has been vocal about being targeted by the league. While he's complained about various levels of mistreatment, a recurring issue is the frequency he's been randomly drug tested, and it looks like it will continue to be an issue as he heads into next season.

On Sunday, Reid posted a picture of himself working out to his Instagram. In the caption, he claims to have already had three random drug tests this year, despite being just two weeks into training camp.

"Two weeks into camp, two 'random' PED tests...3 'randoms' this league year," Reid's caption reads. "S/O to my trainers @hidalgoj8 @bighousepower and @movement_mogul. Just keep track with me y’all."

Last season, Reid told the media that he had been drug tested six times between Sept. and Nov. Although one was for his physical, the other five were supposedly random drug tests sanctioned by the NFL. This led him to believe that he was being targeted by the NFL for his involvement in the national anthem protest and the collusion case that followed.

After taking a deeper look into Reid's claims, the NFL and the NFLPA released a statement claiming that Reid's tests were generated by a computer. Because the NFL is refuting claims that it's targeting Reid, the Panthers safety is asking his fans to help him keep track of the times he's tested this season in the hopes of holding the NFL accountable. According to Reid, he plans to continue kneeling during the anthem this season.

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