Dave East Is Open to Trying Out for the Knicks

Dave East could be the Knicks' missing piece.

With their free agency goals still uncertain, Dave East feels like he can be the missing piece the Knicks need to turn their team around. 

During an interview with TMZ, Dave East said he would consider reviving his hoop dreams for a shot to play for his hometown squad. 

"I might," East responded when asked if he would follow in Master P's footsteps by trying out for an NBA team. "It got to be the Knicks, though. It got to be in New York."

Prior to taking rap seriously, East was an accomplished basketball player. Not only did he play Division 1 basketball, but as a young and talented hooper, he crossed paths with Kevin Durant. By playing on the same AAU team, East and KD forged a friendship that continues to this day. Because of their connection, TMZ wondered if Dave East had any inside knowledge on where KD will sign during free agency. 

"I hope it's New York... He likes New York. He likes the city," East said before admitting that he doesn't know if KD will opt out of his contract to sign with the Knicks.

If Kevin Durant does come to the Knicks, it's likely Kyrie Irving will follow his lead giving the franchise two of the biggest free agents in the NBA. But, it has been rumored that Irving and KD are considering joining forces on the other New York team, the Brooklyn Nets. If that were to happen, the Knicks would probably be open to giving Dave East a shot as they'll need someone to pass R.J. Barrett the ball. 

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