Adam 'Pacman' Jones Comments on Bar Fight and Arrest: 'I Did What I Needed to Do'

Former NFL cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested on Monday morning after he allegedly beat a club employee unconscious in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested on Monday morning after he allegedly beat a bar employee unconscious. 

Per police documents obtained by TMZ, the former NFL cornerback was accused of knocking out a bouncer at a bar in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jones allegedly punched and kicked the employee “causing the bouncer to lose consciousness.” This resulted in Jones being arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor assault.

"Pacman" Jones is facing an assault charge in Hamilton County, court records show.

— FOX19 NOW (@FOX19) February 15, 2021

After being released from the Hamilton County Jail, Jones appeared on The Pat McAfee Show to discuss the incident. He insisted that the altercation wasn’t fueled by alcohol. Instead, he was simply trying to break up a fight between his brother and the bouncer before things got out of hand.

“When I turn around, they already on the floor,” Jones said. “I separate them. … And that’s when punches and chairs and whatever they was throwing.”

“I did what I needed to do,” he added.

Jones is no stranger to run-ins with the law. In 2007, he was involved in a now-infamous shooting on the Las Vegas strip. This led to a no contest plea on disorderly conduct charges and a civil judgment that forced him to pay $11 million to the victims of the shooting.

He was also arrested in 2019 for cheating at an Indiana casino. Upon his arrest, Jones threatened the police, telling them to “suck my dick.” He cut a deal with the prosecution to serve 10 days in jail for one count of felony cheating at gambling and one count of misdemeanor resisting law enforcement. Additionally, he knocked a man out in an airport terminal in 2018. 

Watch Jones’s full comments on the incident above and watch the video of the fight courtesy of TMZ below. 


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