Aaron Rodgers Fires Back at Players Trolling His Beer Drinking Abilities

"There's finally a talent where they can say they're better than me at."

Aaron Rodgers is considered one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NFL history. While there isn't much he can't do in between the lines, it was recently discovered that beer chugging is not one Rodgers' off-field talents. Once this flaw was exposed, other NFL quarterbacks decided to add insult to injury by trolling the former MVP with their drinking skills. To this, Rodgers offered a shady response fitting for a future Hall of Famer. 

During Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final, Rodgers was sitting courtside as his co-owned Milwaukee Bucks took on the Toronto Raptors. During a break from the on-court action, Packers lineman David Bakhtiari obliterated Rodgers in a beer chugging contest.

This quickly became fuel for Rodgers' NFC opponents. While Bears' guard Kyle Long slammed brews with his quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, the biggest shot came from Lions' quarterback Matthew Stafford. Shortly after the Rodgers/Bakhtiari battle went viral, Stafford posted a video of himself chugging a tall glass of beer. He cleverly captioned the clip "#kingofthenorth" which could allude to Toronto's appropriation of Game of Thrones, Aaron Rodgers' love for the HBO series, and/or the fact Detroit and Green Bay both play in the NFC North. 

On Tuesday, the local media asked Rodgers about the beer chugging contest that took place between himself and Bakhtiari. First, Rodgers admits his defeats. 

"Well, I think we got the desired effect. Exactly how Dave wanted it, more attention for him," Rodgers joked. "The big guys, they don't get a lot of credit from time to time and there's some innate abilities that people just have and he's got it... and I kind of said what I said. If you want to go scotch I feel pretty good about it."

After publicly conceding to Bakhtiari, Rodgers quickly reminded his other opponents not to throw rocks at the throne.

"As far as those other guys," Rodgers continued. "There's finally a talent where they can say they're better than me at."

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