Stephen Jackson Is Reportedly Coming Out of Retirement in Attempt to Join the Warriors

Stephen Jackson is planning to attend the Warriors training camp later this year.

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One week prior to Kevin Durant shocking the sports world that he will be playing for the Warriors next season, retired 14-year NBA veteran and former Warriors forward Stephen Jackson was speculated to have been offered a coaching job in Oakland to be part of Steve Kerr's coaching staff. But ESPN's The Jump frequent guest co-host Jackson, 38, believes that instead of helping as an assistant coach he is actually in great shape to make a comeback suiting up for the Warriors.

Jackson reconfirmed on Sunday he is planning to attend the Warriors training camp in hopes of making the roster. But according to CSN Bay Area, the Warriors reportedly stated that Jackson has not been invited to attend their training camp.

This is the same Stephen Jackson who claimed that his 2006-2007 Warriors team (you may not remember, but if you do, their standouts were Matt Barnes, Monta Ellis, Al Harrington, Jason Richardson, Baron Davis, and Mike Dunleavy), who boasted a 42-40 record during the regular season under then-head coach Don Nelson, could beat today's Warriors who went 73-9 during this past regular season. Yeah, that part, sure. Plus, Jackson ripped KD in late May for his perception of lagging on defense against Steph Curry during the Warriors-Thunder Western Conference Finals series.

Perhaps Jackson realizes now that he was crazy for saying that. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Jackson figures he could follow in KD's footsteps and put on a Dubs uniform. Or maybe Jackson is thinking about wanting to smooth things over with KD for a reprised rap collabo of "Lonely At The Top" if Jackson gets back on the squad.

Since Durant made his decision to join Dub Nation, there has been a lot of chatter about some other former Warriors—and retired, or unsigned players per their advanced ages like Ray Allen and Jermaine O'Neal—who have made it public about pondering a chance at claiming a spot to play for the Warriors. There are currently five open spots to sign for the veteran minimum to can fill up the Warriors salary cap space.

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