Could this year’s Warriors team beat the 1995-96 Bulls? That’s been the question that many NBA fans and analysts have been trying to answer—and arguing about—for the last few months. And as long as Golden State keeps on inching closer towards breaking the Bulls’ 72-10 mark, it’s a question that’s going to continue to dominate the conversation.

“Could this year’s Warriors team beat the 2006-07 Warriors?” is a question that no one has asked this season. And that's mostly because, well, it’s an easy question to answer: "No." But that didn’t stop former Warriors player Stephen Jackson from bringing it up during his appearance on ESPN’s new show, The Jump, today. Seemingly out of nowhere, Jackson suggested that the ’06-07 Warriors—the “We Believe” Warriors who knocked off the top-seeded Mavericks in the NBA Playoffs—could beat this year’s Warriors. In fact, he guaranteed it.

We would call him crazy, but Twitter beat us to it:

We could go on and on, but we think you get the point. LOL.

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