DeMarcus Cousins Apologizes For Bullying a Columnist Who Wrote About His NYC Nightclub Lawsuit

Sacramento Kings fined their All-Star center $50,000 on Tuesday for his multiple incidents with the media.

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Just eight days after DeMarcus Cousins attempted to intimidate local Sacramento Bee reporter Andy Furillo in the team's locker room after the Kings played the Lakers in Sacramento on Dec. 12th, the All-Star center released a statement issuing a formal apology, and called his actions "inexcusable." You can read the entire statement below.

Statement from Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins.

— John Dickinson (@JDJohnDickinson) December 20, 2016

Cousins was irate with Furillo following the reporter's published column on Dec. 9th about Cousins' pending lawsuit with teammate Matt Barnes for their alleged assault on a couple at an NYC nightclub earlier this month. The column also discussed the incident in which Cousin's brother Jaleel was tazed by police in Tampa Bay back in May. This angered Cousins to the point where he screamed at Furillo, and threatened the reporter as he got in his face that if Furillo wrote anything about his brother again, "We’re going to have some real f***ing issues." He continued, "Don’t ever mention my brother again," and called the writer a "coward."

According to the Sacramento Bee, DeMarcus Cousins was hit with an "substantial fine" of $50,000 from the Sacramento Kings front office on Tuesday for his multiple run-ins with the media. 

The Kings released a statement about their fine to Cousins, via USAToday:

“The Kings have a clear set of standards of conduct expected of our entire organization,” the statement read. “As a result of negative interactions with certain members of the media that were not corrected after verbal warnings, we have decided to impose a substantial fine. If this behavior is repeated again, we will be forced to consider further discipline.”

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