Matt Barnes Wants All the Smoke With Troll Who Tried to Bait Him Over Ex-Wife and Derek Fisher Comments

Barnes and Fisher were reportedly involved in an altercation at Govan’s home in L.A. after Barnes discovered that Fisher was there.

matt barnes

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matt barnes

Matt Barnes blasted a troll who tried to antagonize him with comments about his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, and her fiancé, former New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher.

Barnes tweeted about the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors game on Thursday night, when the troll-in-question responded, “This exactly why Derek Fisher be fucking ya baby momma you slow corny motherfucker fuck you for ruining all those Lob City squads with your shitty defense.”

The two went back and forth, with the troll hurling another insult involving Govan and Fisher. It seems Barnes got the last word though, writing, “I retired dickhead.. 15yrs & still being paid until November 2020! You gotta do better than DFish jokes. He already caught these hands. You can be nxt.”

Back in October 2015 when Barnes was with the Memphis Grizzlies, reports emerged that Barnes and Fisher were involved in an altercation at Govan’s home in L.A. after Barnes discovered that Fisher was there. Barnes had been so upset with the idea of Govan dating Fisher that Barnes allegedly drove 95 miles from Santa Barbara, California—where the Grizzlies were holding training camp—to L.A. to “beat the shit” out of Fisher, who had reportedly been seeing Govan for “a few months” at that point.

Fisher chose not to press charges and neither confirmed nor denied the incident. However, Barnes continually attacked Fisher. In June 2016, Barnes openly addressed the situation during a candid interview with Hollywood Unlocked, discussing how he learned about the relationship from one of his sons, what went through his head when he found out that Govan and Fisher were dating, and how the fight could have been worse.

He also admitted that he wants Govan “to be happy. I know as long as he treats my kids right is my first priority.… As long as that’s the case and my kids are going to be happy and all right, that’s my only concern.”

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