The Warriors' Kevin Durant and the Clippers' Patrick Beverley have been clashing pretty badly during their recent games, with the two eventually getting ejected after receiving two double technicals in less than 20 seconds during the 4th quarter during a recent game. While Durant has apologized for his ejection, the Warriors aren't done with Beverley just yet.

Fox Sports reports that the team sent in a tape to the NBA league office to complain about some of Beverley's plays on the court. In particular, they're pointing towards what they say is an illegal defense by the Clippers guard against Durant. Whether they believe it's deliberately antagonistic behavior on his part is unclear, but the report would indicate that they're definitely not happy with his "holding, clutching, grabbing...pushing."

The team purportedly sent numerous clips of Beverley to the NBA before Game 3 against the Clippers, which took place Thursday night (April 18). It's not uncommon for teams to send clips to the league, but if true it likely won't do any favors for the tension the two have been showcasing on the court.

During Game 3, Durant referred to Beverley as a "pest," as CBS Sports reports. "They're playing a gimmick defense which has been working," Durant said. "Top-locking everything on the perimeter, so guys are not even looking at the 3-point line, they're just forcing guys inside the 3-point line. So for us, when I get the ball in my spots, I got a pest, Patrick Beverley, who is up underneath me—who I can definitely shoot over the top and score every time if it's a one-on-one situation."