Kyle Kuzma Donates $60,000 in Clothing to Inmates of Flint, Michigan County Jail

The Washington Wizards forward will also refurbish the facility's housing conditions.

Photo by Michael Cummings

Kyle Kuzma is already in the holiday spirit.

TMZ reports that the Washington Wizards forward has donated $60,000 in clothing to women prisoners who are set to be released from the Genesee County Jail in his native Flint, Michigan. The Kyle Kuzma Foundation teamed up with the jail reform organizations, I.G.N.I.T.E. and R.I.S.E. to give a helping hand to the inmates.

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On Sunday, I.G.N.I.T.E. held its 23rd graduation ceremony at the county jail, and Kuzma surprised the women by being in attendance. The 28-year-old announced his partnership with the organizations and handed out presents to the kids who were visiting their moms.

Kuzma is also introducing his new initiative, Kuz’s Corner, which will work to restore the facility’s conditions for its prisoners.

"Kuz’s Corner provides incarcerated female inmates something to reach towards, and prove to themselves, and others of their worth and value," the foundation said in a statement. "The females chosen to reside in Kuz’s Corner have set themselves apart as role models in their behavior, mentorship, and strive to return to the community as a better neighbor."

In an interview with People, Kuzma explained why this project is so important to him. "This is my community," he said. "You've got these people that are in jail, people that I and others have relationships with, from my community as well, and when you think about inmates, jails, that's usually a forgotten space in society."


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