What These Athletes Are Doing After Retirement Is Hilarious

Go90 is giving retired athletes like Tommy Dewey, Tug Cokerr and Plaxico Burress their chance at acting in 'Now We're Talking' and it's hilarious.

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What's better than a successful career? A successful retirement. For many professional athletes, the lifetime of their career includes just as many days on the field as it does days off it. Walking away from the game with a bankable brand, many leave their chosen professions with a lot of good years ahead and a lot more money to be made.

So what's next? What would any of us do with all the time and money in the world? Star in our own TV show. Duh! Capitalizing on this concept, go90 is casting some of the biggest names in sports in a series of comedy shows. Their newest, Now We're Talking, is as funny as it is star-studded. 

Created by and starring Tommy Dewey and Tug Coker, the show follows the post-NFL lives of fictional quarterbacks Tug Tanner and Tommy Arondall. In an Inception-like take, the pair try to transition from the field to the broadcast booth, enrolling in a sports broadcasting class that features real-life professional athletes, Shawne Merriman, Arian Foster and Plaxico Burress. 

From cameos to acting debuts, Now We're Talking is the perfect blend of sports talk and comedy. If you're into just straight sports, however, you don't even need to leave go90. You can watch live NBA, NFL and soccer games all for free right within the app. Basically, it's every sports fan's dream. 

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