Watch Drake and Will Ferrell Roast DeMar DeRozan in NBA Awards' Opening Skit

Watch Drake and Will Ferrell in the opening skit for the first-ever NBA Awards.

The first-ever NBA Awards got off too a hilarious start.

On Monday night, the ceremony opened with a skit starring this year’s host Drake as well as legendary comedian Will Ferrell. The two roasted Toronto Raptors’ shooting guard DeMar DeRozan, while also schooling him on the art of handshakes.

“Starting today, if your handshakes suck, we will trade you!” Ferrell’s character shouts to the team.

Farrell and Drake then demonstrate the different varieties of a celebratory handshake. There was the “Jenga” shake, “The Gossip Queen,” “The Prom,” “The Black Dad,” and last, but not least, “The Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

You can watch the opening skit in the video above. The inaugural NBA Awards are being broadcast live right now on TNT.

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