Watch an Oakland Fan Get Involved in a Fight Between Players From the Cowboys and Raiders (Video)

A fan got in the middle of a training camp fight between the Cowboys and Raiders yesterday afternoon.

On Tuesday, the Cowboys and the Raiders practiced against one another. And by the end of practice, it was pretty clear that the two teams had had just about enough of each other. So after Dallas cornerback Morris Claiborne made a tackle on Oakland tight end Mychal Rivera, a giant brawl erupted between the two teams and ended with both teams going at it on the sideline right in front of a pack of wild Raiders fans.

Things actually got so crazy, though, that, at one point, an Oakland fan grabbed Cowboys cornerback B.W. Webb and tried to hit him with a helmet that he was holding. Webb was, of course, wearing a helmet and pads at the time, so the hit didn't really affect him. But the situation could have ended badly—really badly—for the fan had Webb not had the presence of mind to restrain himself once he realized that it was a fan, and not a Raiders player, attacking him. He very easily could have gone behind the barrier that was set up and attacked the fan and turned this into the worst training camp fight ever.

Watch the fan attack Webb at the end of the Instagram post above. And then, watch the video below to see the entire fight between the Cowboys and Raiders players:

Is training camp almost over yet?

[via Eye on Football]

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