Warren Sapp Arrested in Arizona for Allegedly Soliciting a Prostitute

Warren Sapp was arrested for allegedly soliciting a prostitute in Arizona early Monday morning.

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Just two weeks ago, CBS Sports anchor Greg Anthony was arrested in Washington, D.C. after allegedly trying to solicit a prostitute while in town to call a Michigan State/Maryland game. Now, it sounds like another former star athlete-turned-analyst has been busted for allegedly doing the same thing.

According to TMZ Sports, former NFL player/current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp was arrested in Phoenix, Ariz. at around 7 a.m. today for trying to solicit a prostitute. Very few details about Sapp's arrest are available as of right now. But TMZ Sports is also reporting that Sapp was hit with an assault charge after he was arrested.

Sapp's last tweet from the Super Bowl before his arrest was this:


Stay tuned for further information.


There's a lot of reaction to Sapp's arrest out there. His name is trending on Twitter right now. But this tweet from former NBA star Kenny Anderson is definitely one of the strongest reactions we've seen:



According to Deadspin, Phoenix police were called to a hotel at around 2:30 a.m. today by a woman who claimed that Sapp had assaulted her during an argument over money. During a subsequent investigation, police found that "an act of prostitution" had taken place in Sapp's room, and they arrested him for soliciting a prostitute. They also charged him with two misdemeanor counts of assault after observing "minor injuries consistent with a struggle" on the woman and another woman who had accompanied her to the hotel.


According to Sports Illustrated, the NFL Network has parted ways with Sapp:



Former NFL player Jeremy Shockey has chimed in on Sapp's arrest. If you remember, Sapp accused Shockey of being the snitch behind the Saints' Bountygate scandal:



Just heard from My SOURCE Warren Sapp charged with Soliciting a Prostitute! Damn so Sad

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