Twitter once again quickly turned into a battlefield today. This time, it was NFL Network analyst and pass rushing great Warren Sapp who silently piloted a stealth bomber and dropped shells on the doorstep of tight end Jeremy Shockey's base camp. Sapp started the chain of events by tweeting that he heard who leaked information about the New Orleans Saints bounty program. When a follower questioned "Shockey..?", Sapp retweeted with a big fat "BINGO!" This, of course, wasn't going to go without question from Shockey himself. 

The former Saints tight end heavily protested the accusation, addressing Sapp on Twitter in the process. He basically begged networks to ask him for the truth, suggesting a lie detector test on ESPN and tweeting to Rachel Nichols to text him. More details are sure to come. Until then, we leave you with two thoughts: Doesn't Sapp calling Shockey a snitch in turn make him the same? And does anybody else see the irony in somebody with the handle "QBKILLA" criticizing the Saints for their bounty program? 



[via Warren Sapp]

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