Watch Shaq Spank Jimmy Fallon and Rock Him Like a Baby During Epic "Lip Sync Battle"

Shaq took part in a "Lip Sync Battle" segment with Jimmy Fallon and ended up spanking him and rocking him like a baby.

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Standing at about 6-feet tall, Jimmy Fallon isn’t exactly a short man. But that didn’t stop the 7-foot-1 Shaquille O’Neal from using him as a prop during an epic "Lip Sync Battle" on The Tonight Show Monday night.

During the battle, Fallon started things off by performing House of Pain’s 1992 hit, "Jump Around." Shaq responded by performing Bobby Brown’s 1988 hit, "My Prerogative," and got an assist from Pitbull who made his way to the stage to serve as Shaq’s backup dancer. Fallon then did a duet of "Beauty and the Beast" that featured him lip-synching as both Ariana Grande and John Legend. And Shaq finished things off by calling on Fallon to do another duet with him. They sang Elton John and Kiki Dee’s 1976 hit, "Don’t Go Breaking My Heart."

It was during that song that Shaq took control of the lip-synching contest by kissing Fallon on the cheek, spanking him, and then picking him up and making him look like a little baby. Again, Fallon isn’t that much shorter than Shaq is, but he certainly looks like a baby in Shaq’s arms.

You can check out the electric performances in the clip above. Shaq also sat down with Fallon after their battle to talk about his time in Orlando with the Magic (Fallon is filming down in Orlando this week), the time he injured his head after breaking a backboard, and his new statue outside of the Staples Center in Los Angeles. You can check out Shaq’s interview with Fallon below.

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