Russell Wilson: Ciara and I Are Not Having Sex

Do you believe Russell Wilson or nah?

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Russell Wilson and Ciarahave been dating for a few months now, so you would probably assume that the two of them have taken their relationship to a physical level. After all, Wilson is a very religious man, but he's not Tim Tebow, right?

As it turns out, though, he is kind of Tebow-esque when it comes to the issue of sex. Wilson was married before, so he's probably not a virgin (just taking a shot in the dark here!), but he's also not a guy who likes to rush into things. So during a Q&A session at The Rock Church in San Diego, Calif. yesterday, he revealed that he hasn't had sex with Ci-Ci yet because he feels as though God has a bigger plan for them (he begins talking about Ciara at about the 22-minute mark of the video above and their sex life at about the 25-minute mark).

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"He has anointed both of us and I know that he's calling for us to do something miraculous," he said. "I told her…If you can really love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody."

Wilson went out to say that it hasn't been easy and asked for the crowd in attendance to pray for him.

"I ain't gonna lie to y'all now," he said, "I need y'all to pray for us! I know you seen her on the screen…If there's a 10, she's a 15. Pray for me. Keep my mind clear. Keep my heart clear."

Not to be cynical, but…Are you buying what Wilson is selling here or nah?

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