Miami Fan Punches West Virginia Fan With Prosthetic Leg in Bathroom Fight

Watch a Miami fan punch a 1-legged West Virginia fan and then run away during a bizarre bathroom fight at the Russell Athletic Bowl.

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The college football bowl season has, thankfully, been devoid of many fights between opposing fans. In fact, now that we’re thinking about it, the college football season as a whole has lacked many big fan fights, so…way to go, college football fans! You’re clearly classier than your NFL counterparts, at least when it comes to keeping fighting to a minimum.

There’s nothing classy about the Miami fan in the clip above, though. During the Russell Athletic Bowl on Wednesday, he got into a yelling match with a West Virginia fan inside of a bathroom at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. It seems the WVU fan was upset about the Miami fan cutting the bathroom line, so he yelled, "Get in line like everybody else," at him. The WVU fan—who, as you’ll see in the clip, only has one leg and uses a prosthetic leg to get around—then got up into the Miami fan’s face and repeated himself several times before threatening to pee on the Miami fan. And that prompted the Miami fan, who is a lot smaller than the WVU fan, to wind up and punch the WVU fan in the face before turning and running out of the bathroom immediately.

But the action didn’t end there. The Miami fan got away unscathed, but the angry WVU fan briefly gave chase and yelled "You better run!" at him. And the WVU fan also dropped this bombshell on the Miami supporter once he realized he wasn’t going to be able to catch him: "I used to f*ck guys like you in prison!"

Whoa. Definitely didn't see that coming.

You can watch the bizarre encounter between the fans in the clip above. It’s every bit as awkward and uncomfortable as you would imagine.

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