LaVar Ball and Stephen A. Smith Got Into a Screaming Match on 'First Take' and It Was Entertaining as Hell

LaVar Ball appeared on 'ESPN First Take' on Thursday and got into a screaming match with Stephen A. Smith.

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Are you tired of hearing about LaVar Ball? Us, too. But even if you’ve had enough of dude, this is still one of the best ESPN First Take segments you’ll ever see.

Ball made an appearance on First Take on Thursday morning, and while it started off cordial enough with him answering questions about his sons Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo, it quickly—and we mean quickly—devolved into a screaming match during the second half of his appearance. Stephen A. Smith asked Ball why in the world he said that he could beat Michael Jordan in a game of 1-on-1, and Ball responded by saying that he said it because he truly believes it. And at that point, he decided to get on Stephen A.’s level and spent the next five minutes yelling back and forth at him about that and a number of other things.


This sounds like it would be a total disaster, and truth be told, it was. But it was like a bad car crash that you just couldn’t stop looking at. It was so good that ESPN's The Dan LeBatard Show actually paused what they had going on and spent a few minutes doing a radio show about how they were watching Stephen A. and LaVar go at it.

Everyone else who was tuned in to First Take was glued to their TV screens as well. Some people said it was the best episode of First Take since Skip Bayless left, while others suggested ESPN should replace Max Kellerman with Ball and let him and Stephen A. do this every morning:

You can check out the screaming and yelling in the clip above. You can also check out Ball’s full First Take appearance below:

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Such good bad TV.

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