Watch Kevin Durant Hit the Mosh Pit at Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour at Oracle Arena

Kevin Durant went to Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour at Oracle Arena on Sunday night and hit the mosh pit.

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Kevin Durant has been forced to deal with a lot of criticism this offseason after making the decision to leave the Thunder and join the Warriors, and one of the ways he’s dealt with it is by letting loose at rap concerts. In September, he took the stage with Drake at Oracle Arena during the Summer Sixteen Tour:

In early October, he went to a club in Las Vegas with his new teammate Draymond Green and helped Travis Scott put on a performance:

And on Sunday night, just a few days before the start of the 2016-17 NBA season, KD went to Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour at Oracle Arena and hit the mosh pit. It earned him a shout-out from Kanye himself:

Here's a closer look at him raging with Kanye fans:

It sounds like KD got a hero’s welcome at the concert, too:

Of course, he’s not the first NBA player to find himself in the middle of a mosh pit at a Kanye concert this month. LeBron James turned up at a Kanye show earlier this month. And by "turned up," we mean turned up:

But KD is clearly finding ways to handle the pressure as he prepares to play his first real game with the Warriors this week.

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