Once the Warriors tip off their 2016-17 NBA season a week from Tuesday with a game against the Spurs, it’s going to be all business for Steph Curry & Co. Thanks to their offseason acquisition of Kevin Durant, Golden State is the favorite to win their second NBA title in three years—and anything less than a ring this season will be considered a disappointment. That’s obviously going to put a lot of pressure on the team, but they’re finding ways to deal with that pressure and reduce it as much as possible.


Over the weekend, the Warriors were in Las Vegas to take on the Lakers on Saturday night, and after the game was over, KD and his new teammate Draymond Green went to the Hakkasan nightclub at the MGM Grand to take in a Travis Scott performance. And they didn’t just blend into the crowd and nod along to Travis' music. As you can see in the video above, which was captured by Cowbell Kingdom reporter Manny Vieites, KD and Draymond actually helped Travis at one point and turned up right alongside him as he performed "Way Back." It was a little weird to see them getting so into that particular song seeing as how it features a not-so-subtle jab at last year's Warriors team—"It’s summertime, why they tryna throw shade?/All these wins, I can never Gold State," Travis raps on the first verse—but they didn’t look bothered by it.

Later, KD and Draymond let loose as Travis performed "Sweet Sweet." You can watch that part of the performance here:

Between this show and the Drake concert he attended about a month ago, KD has allowed himself to have plenty of fun in the weeks leading up to his first season with the Warriors. But it's almost time to get back to work.