Jermaine O'Neal Confronted Blake Griffin Outside of the Clippers Locker Room Last Night

The two had to be separated.

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Earlier this week, Blake Griffin almost came to blows with Suns forward P.J. Tucker in the middle of a game. The altercation ended with Tucker hitting the Clippers forward in the face and getting tossed from the contest. And last night, Jermaine O'Neal nearly did the same exact thing to Griffin. The only difference was that he reportedly waited until after the game to do it.

According to ESPN Los Angeles, O'Neal wasn't happy with something that Griffin said or did during the Warriors/Clippers game. So after it was over, he waited outside of the Clippers locker room for Griffin to come out and then got into a heated discussion with him that almost ended with a fight. The two players had to be separated by a Clippers team official and Griffin was heard yelling "Leave that shit on the court!" in O'Neal's direction. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and the two players shook hands. But Griffin refused to elaborate about the beef when approached by reporters.

"That's between me and him," he said.

Damn. Two near fights in one week, Blake?! You must be super annoying out on the court.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]

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