We all remember those infamous words uttered in the school yard, "fight, fight!" You know the drill, you'd go running towards the action, hoping to hell it wasn't broken up before you got to see who was getting their shit rocked. Well, professional sports are no different, only the fights are better. Emotions run high, there's a lot at stake, and there's cameras all around to give us every angle with the benefit of replay. What happened the night in November 19, 2004 in Detroit can, at the surface, be described as a "brawl." But, upon further review, it was an event that would change the game of basketball forever.

We've all seen the clip of what's become known as, "Malice in the Palace." A "hard" foul, a he-man shove, and evidently some of the most classless fans in the NBA, all combined to produce a scene of utter chaos and pandemonium that we hope the league will never forget. The dubious "stat sheet" from that night? Nine players suspended without pay for a total of 146 games, five players charged with assault, $11 million in salaries lost, and five Pistons fans brought up on charges along with a lifetime ban from the Palace.

But, what does it really mean for the rest of us? We can buy less beer, which is becoming more unreasonably priced every year anyway? Come on, fam. All the anniversary of this event did was inspire us to compile the greatest brawls in sports history. So, from Malice at the Palace, to Punch-up in Piestany, we're proud to present The 25 Craziest Brawls in Sports History.

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