Floyd Mayweather Is Training Soulja Boy for His Fight Against Chris Brown

Floyd Mayweather is apparently going to promote the Soulja Boy/Chris Brown boxing match and help train Soulja for it.

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After Soulja Boy apologized for his role in his ongoing beef with Chris Brown on Wednesday afternoon, we kind of assumed that it meant the beef was over. Or at the very least, that it was going to die down.

Sure, Adrien Broner breathed a little bit of life back into it by posting this very official fight poster on Instagram promoting a celebrity boxing match between Soulja and Chris:

But the two artists aren’t actually going to fight, are they?

Well, somehow, Floyd Mayweather worked himself into the mix overnight and it appears as though he’s now a part of the Soulja/Chris beef. Late Wednesday night, he took to Instagram to let everyone know that he’s going to take the reins from Broner and promote the fight between Soulja and Chris. He put up a fight poster of his own and everything:

It came just hours after Mayweather's frenemy 50 Cent put up an Instagram video and said that he thought Mayweather should help put the fight together:

50 also said he wanted to bet $100,000 on Chris winning the fight while simultaneously suggesting that Mayweather might be more inclined to side with Soulja since he has a history with Chris. "Floyd did some shit when Chris was on the phone with a girl, so he’ll probably be feeling a little funny because Chris probably fucked some of the same bitches he fucked and all kinds of shit like that," 50 said.

Shortly after Mayweather put up his fight poster, it was then reposted by Soulja on IG, who claimed that he’s already signed a contract to take part in the fight in exchange for $1 million. Additionally, he said Mayweather is going to help train him:

Early Thursday, this photo of Mayweather and Soulja popped up on Soulja’s IG:

This video did, too:

And while it didn't provide much insight into the details surrounding the fight, it did let us all know what the ultimate goal here is for Mayweather and Soulja: To make money. Lots and lots of money.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with all of the fast-moving developments here, you’re not alone. But wait, there’s more! And it might actually be the most scandalous part of this entire beef.

In addition to all of this fight talk, Chris Brown’s ex Nia Guzman also appeared to get in on the action early Thursday by posting an IG photo of Royalty, her daughter with Chris, that makes it look like she will be cheering for Soulja to win the boxing match. She has since deleted the photo, but Soulja reposted it:

And TMZcaught up with Nia, who said that the photo has nothing to do with the proposed fight. Rather, she said that she has been hanging out with Mayweather a lot lately and that he is "investing in Royalty’s future."

That obviously made Chris mad. Shortly after that photo popped up on TMZ, he put up this video on Instagram and told Soulja not to bring his daughter into the beef:

Chris also said that he wants to move the fight up and have it happen much sooner than March. Clearly, this beef isn't going to end anytime soon.

Soulja Boy is looking to have some big names in attendance as he's already invited Rihanna and Karrueche, Chris' exes. "I know they dont want this bitch nigga Chris Brown no more. But they can watch me knock him out." Welp.

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