Floyd Mayweather Certainly Isn't Defusing These MMA Rumors

Floyd Mayweather really wants everyone to believe he's going to take part in an MMA fight this year.

Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather posted a short clip of him climbing into an Octagon and dancing around in it for a few seconds, and we really weren’t sure what to make of it.

Mayweather appeared to be trolling everyone with the video. But a short time after he posted it on Twitter and Instagram, it elicited a strong response from Conor McGregor. The UFC champion responded by posting this on Twitter.

It seemed like things would end there, but Mayweather continued to tease the idea of him taking part in an MMA match on Wednesday night. He posted another clip of him standing in the middle of an Octagon and asked everyone what the odds were of him climbing into the Octagon for real for a fight.

We should point out that, this time, it looked like Mayweather was doing it in an effort to fulfill some kind of endorsement deal. He was outfitted in a pair of trunks with an advertisement for the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power on them, and he specifically referenced the company in the clip.

"2018. Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. MMA. What are the odds, Paddy?" Mayweather asked. "What are the odds?"

There’s a chance Mayweather may have been doing this for more than just a paycheck. Later on Wednesday night, TMZ Sports caught up with Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza and asked him about the possibility of Mayweather actually agreeing to an MMA fight. He said he wouldn’t rule it out and even revealed he’s planning on speaking with Mayweather about it at the Super Bowl this weekend.

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"It will be a topic of conversation," Espinoza said. "There’s a chance [Mayweather could take part in an MMA fight]…Whatever he puts his mind to, he sort of wills into happening. He willed the McGregor fight into happening. So if he sets his mind to it, it’ll happen."

Espinoza also speculated about how much money Mayweather would potentially want for an MMA matchup. "He’s not an eight-figure guy anymore," Espinoza said. "He’s a nine-figure guy."

We still wouldn’t bank on a Mayweather MMA fight ever taking place. But it seems that, if nothing else, Mayweather is going to continue to use the speculation surrounding the possibility of a fight to line his pockets and get as much attention as he can.

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