Is Floyd Mayweather really going to fight in the UFC? The rumors have been simmering for months. It seems very unlikely, but so did a Mayweather-versus-Conor-McGregor boxing match—until it finally happened.

UFC President Dana White said in December the mixed martial arts organization was in talks with Mayweather. The boxing champion, however, denied that claim, though he did say he could do it—and easily make a billion in the UFC—if he wanted to. 

A week later, however, White doubled down on his claim that it was a real possibility. While appearing on Fox Sports' Undisputed, White said he had a meeting with Mayweather's reps later that very day.

It still seems like a longshot, but Mayweather knows how to keep people interested in what his next move will be. On Tuesday afternoon, he posted a 10-second video of him entering into and maneuvering around an octagon—the fighting space for mixed martial arts events. 

McGregor responded with a laugh and condescending reply.

On Monday, Mayweather also trolled McGregor by posted an #MCM—but not the usual kind.

Even if Mayweather does agree to a deal with the UFC, it would be shocking to see him fight McGregor. Though the boxing matchup turned out to be a decent one—Mayweather pulled away in the end—it's unlikely a similar scenario would play out in an MMA contest. 

How bad would it be? Well, TMZ caught up with boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya earlier this week, and he said the fight wouldn't last 10 seconds.