Floyd Mayweather Catches Flack for Wearing Jorts to NBA Finals Game, Posts Weird Quote About Hating on Instagram

Floyd Mayweather has a message for his haters.

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If you guys had to pay to hate Floyd Mayweather, you wouldn't hate him, would you?

DEEP, right? Er, no, not really. But that's where Mayweather took things last night a short time after he attended Game 2 of the NBA Finals and watched LeBron James lead the Cavaliers to a road win against the Warriors. During the game, Mayweather got destroyed on Twitter for wearing a pair of jorts to the contest:

And while we're not sure if that's what inspired him to post a weird quote about hating on Instagram—a quote that he made up himself, by the way—that's what he did at about midnight as he made his way out of Oracle Arena.

It doesn't look like it did much to shut people up:

But something tells us Mayweather didn't lose much sleep over it. After all, he was probably pretty tired after spending Saturday night doing this (NSFW alert!):


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