Floyd Mayweather and Holly Holm Took a Photo Together at the Warriors/Clippers Game

Don’t tell Ronda!

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Last night’s Warriors/Clippers game at the Staples Centerwas one of the biggest games of the young 2015-16 NBA season, so of course, there were a ton of celebrities in the house. From Jay Z to Derek Jeter to Jamie Foxx to Floyd Mayweather, everyone showed up:

But according to those who were at the game, Holly Holm got the loudest ovation of any celeb in the arena when she was shown on the JumboTron:

A lot of people also wanted to take a photo with Holm, who turned herself into a household name last weekend by knocking out Ronda Rousey. And apparently, that included Money Mayweather himself. We don’t know where this photo is going to end up—it’s not on his Instagram…yet—but Mayweather was spotted taking a photo with Holm during the game last night:

Had Mayweather not come out and publicly supported Rousey earlier this week, the fact that he took a photo with Holm would be a way bigger deal. But even with that in mind, it’s kind of crazy to see him acknowledging Holm like this. If you remember, he pretended like he didn’t even know who Rousey was as recently as last year, so this photo might be an indication that he has (finally) come around to showing love to MMA fighters.

Think Rousey will be mad?

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