Andrew Wiggins Captures Video of Zach LaVine Throwing Down 360 Dunk From Free Throw Line

Watch Zach LaVine throw down a crazy 360 dunk from the free throw line.

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Is Zach LaVine going to win his third straight NBA Slam Dunk Contest in February? Hmmm…Despite all of the crazy dunks the Timberwolves star threw down during last year’s contest, Aaron Gordonwas hot on his heels and very well could have been named the winner, so there’s a chance that LaVine won’t be able to hold him off when the two do battle again this year in the…

Wait, WHAT?! LaVine is currently working on throwing down a 360 dunk…from the free throw line?! Um, yes. Yes, he is:

The video above was posted to Andrew Wiggins’ Snapchat on Wednesday afternoon, and after watching it, we might as well just give LaVine the slam dunk contest trophy now. What’s the use in him trekking all the way down to New Orleans in February? Everyone is already ready to give him the title:

Unless LeBron James decides that he’s finally (!) going to participate in a slam dunk contest, there’s pretty much no way this guy is going to lose. Sorry.

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