Adrien Broner Addresses Floyd Mayweather Beef on New Song "Slammer (TMT Diss)"

Adrien Broner takes his beef with Floyd Mayweather and TMT into the recording studio and records a "Panda" freestyle.

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The recent Floyd Mayweather vs. Adrien Broner beef has been filled with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. There was the time Mayweather chastised Broner for saying "Fuck The Money Team!" during an interview. Then, there was the time Broner told Mayweather to "quit playing" with him during a passionate 10-minute YouTube video. Mayweather then told Broner that one of his cars is worth more than his career. And Broner responded by ripping Mayweather in another YouTube video and calling him out after beating one of his TMT fighters. But now, the beef has gone to a place where, frankly, we never expected it to go: the recording studio.

That’s right. Broner just released a new called "Slammer (TMT Diss)," which features him addressing his beef with Mayweather over the beat from Desiigner’s "Panda." He also shot a music video for it, because...why not? And while Broner doesn't actually say much about Mayweather or TMT on the song (at least, not as much as you'd expect on a song that includes "TMT Diss" in the official title), he does mention Mayweather and his recent win over his TMT boxer Ashley Theophane at about the 2:30 mark of the song.

"I watch all of these niggas/I got Floyd going against me, I really ain’t tripping," he raps. "Turned on me over some business/I found out I couldn’t get him, so I knocked out his nigga."

Broner then goes on to namedrop several of the TMT members that he does get along with before adding, "If you ain’t none of them niggas and reppin’ that Money Team, shit, swear to God, you could get it."

So...what next? Is Mayweather going to respond by jumping on the "Ether" beat and do away with Broner once and for all—or will this be the last we hear about Mayweather and Broner’s beef? Really, where else could they possibly take it after this? Stay tuned!


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