Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner are at it again.

Late last year, the former friends got into a war of words after Mayweather took exception with the way Broner behaved following his fight with Khabib Allakhverdiev. Broner called Mayweather’s fighter Ashley Theophane out and had some negative things to say about The Money Team, which didn’t sit well with Mayweather. And after Mayweather talked about Broner’s comments during an interview with Fight Hype, Broner went off on him during an intense 10-minute video that featured him telling Mayweather to “quit playing” with him.


Since then, the two had seemingly patched things up, and as recently as earlier this month, they were both in the same place at the same time during a press conference for the upcoming Broner/Theophane fight, which is set to take place on April 1. But during an interview with Fight Hype that was posted yesterday, Mayweather called Broner out for posting an Instagram video of him throwing his change into the air at a Walmart recently. Mayweather told Fight Hype that he didn’t think the incident was funny at all.

“If you’re at such a high status and you reached a certain level, you’re supposed to have people going to Walmart for you,” he said. “You go to places like Walmart to save money. Of course, you got to realize this. He’s still young and he’s still learning, but before you know it, it’s going to be too late.”

Broner heard about the comments Mayweather made, and obviously, he wasn’t happy about them. So once again, he put together a video to respond to what Mayweather had to say, and once again, he got really upset while talking about his friend-turned-foe.

You can watch the video above. You can also check out a full transcript of it below. Can’t these two just get along? Or at the very least, can't they just text each other and work this out without using the Internet to do it?

I got some shit to say, man. Some shit that ain’t been sitting well with me. I been seeing a lot of blogs, and motherfuckers been hitting me up talking about, ‘Floyd talking about me again.’ Not once, but this has happened on multiple occasions. This goes back to what I said. Real niggas don’t do this type of shit. If you my so-called big bro, and we all, when we together, side to side, and we all ‘Big bro, little bro, I want to see you do this, I want to see you surpass me, I want to see you do all this good shit,’ and then when you do an interview, you talk bad about me. How real is that? What type of nigga is you?

I don’t give a fuck what you did, nigga. If it was real or not, if it happened or not, anytime you was in them lawsuits, nigga, with your baby mama and they said you hit her with three pieces like you fighting Cotto, I don’t get into that. I don’t say, 'He should have did this,' or 'He should have did that.' You know what I say? ‘Fuck all that, my nigga didn’t do that. My nigga, he counting money somewhere.’ That’s the type of shit I say. I don’t say, ‘Oh, Floyd hurting himself.’

Come on, bro, you was the same nigga, four or five years ago, burning money in the club. Come on, bro. You like 39, so you was 34 at the time. 34, 35 at the time, bro. You burning money in the club. But I ain’t say nothing about that. You know what? That was motivation to me. That was motivation that, one day, I was going to have enough money to where I didn’t give a fuck to throw up some change in Walmart. I didn’t know that would ruffle your feathers, my nigga. Come on, bro. Stop talking bad about me.

And what I don’t get is, I’m just little old Adrien Broner, bro. A little street nigga from Cincinnati who made it—four-time world champion in four different weight classes. But I have yet to make the type of money you have made. We ain’t in the same tax bracket. I’m starting to feel like I’m a threat to you. I don’t like that. Especially when you got my number. I just, to be honest, I just sent you a real sincere text that you ain’t respond back to. But I’m starting to feel like you saying fuck me, so it gotta be fuck you. No homo, my nigga, that’s what it is. Because that’s how you’re treating it when you start doing interviews and talking shit about me. And then, at the end of the interview, you say you don’t care for me as a boxer because I’m not signed to you, but as a black man, you want me to succeed? Man, get the fuck outta here. That’s some bullshit.

If you my nigga like you say you is, you on my side whether I’m doing wrong or doing right. And you ain’t gonna do it through no social media. You gonna call me and let me know. Just like a nigga I fuck with. Like J. Prince, he gonna call me whether I’m wrong or right and let me know what’s up. That’s when niggas really fuck with you. You tripping. And I ain’t got no ties with the big homie J, but real recognize real. That’s what it is.

I just feel like you the type of nigga—and I’m gonna be the one to say it because ain’t nobody around you gonna say it—but I’m starting to feel like you a good-hearted nigga and you might want to help somebody, but you will help somebody for them to do good enough. They might do great, but you don’t want them to do better than you. That’s just the type of nigga you is, bro. I’m starting to see that, and that shit bring tears to my eye to realize my idol, somebody I put on a pedestal, somebody that I study every night before I go to sleep, I’m watching your tapes, to hear them talk bad about me? OK. Alright. Watch me April 1. I’m gonna knock your fighter out. Bye.

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[via Fight Hype]