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While Adrien Broner has never been down with The Money Team in an official capacity, he has been friendly with Floyd Mayweather for a few years now. In fact, some people thought Broner was going to end up taking over for Mayweather as one of the faces of boxing when Mayweather retired (his fight against Marcos Maidana pretty much ended that). The two boxers have been spotted hanging out on numerous occasions in the past with Mayweather serving as a mentor of sorts for Broner.

With that in mind, it was odd to see Broner call out one of Mayweather’s TMT boxers Ashley Theophane after a fight last month. It was even odder to see him throw shots at TMT on Twitter a short time after the fight. And it was only a matter of time before Mayweather was going to be forced to respond to his protégé. That time came during a recent interview that Mayweather did with Fight Hype.

When asked about Broner, Mayweather sounded genuinely confused about some of the things that he has said and done recently. He’s not sure why Broner has suddenly started taking shots at his company.

“Some of these fighters, we spoil them too much,” he said. “I’m being honest, me and Al [Haymon] together, we both spoil these fighters too much. A lot of them are appreciative, but a lot of them are not appreciative. You know, you got fighters that I’ve stood behind, like Adrien Broner. When he lost to Maidana, I was the first one to post a picture of me and him, and I told him, ‘You know what? I’m behind you. Hold your head up high. Stay focused and you’ll be able to bounce back.’ But then you have this same guy that I’m defending and standing behind and going to war for is the same guy that said, ‘You know what? I love my big brother Floyd Mayweather, but fuck The Money Team!’ He’s the same guy that you can go on, but if I’m not mistaken, my TMT website and see that he had on a Money Team shirt. And then you was in Vegas, he had on the Money Team sweatsuit. So I never really understood that.”

Mayweather went on to say that he has defended Broner to other people on multiple occasions in the past, which makes the whole situation even worse.

“When Adrien Broner won his first world title, I don’t know who he fought, I don’t even know who the guy was, but I was happy for him and I always wanted to give Adrien Broner positive advice,” he said. “When everyone had something negative to say about him, you know what I do? I say, ‘This kid comes from a rough and tough background and I just want to stand behind him, support him, and help get him to the next level.’ But you saying, ‘Fuck The Money Team’? Well, what he don’t know, The Money Team is making eight figures a year. I mean, you know, I’m really thankful and really blessed to be where I’m at. I’m blessed way beyond belief and every day I give thanks. Throughout the day, I thank God that I’m in the position that I’m in to help fighters, to help my family, and to give back to the people that’s less fortunate. I never had anything negative to say about Adrien Broner. If he does something that I didn’t like, I’m like, ‘You know, AB, don’t do that. AB, you shouldn’t say that. You should take this approach.’…Instead of saying, ‘Fuck The Money Team,’ he needs to be thanking The Money Team because, at the end of the day, Al Haymon is a part of The Money Team…Everything is under the same umbrella when it’s all said and done. If you saying, ‘Fuck Al Haymon,’ you saying, ‘Fuck Floyd Mayweather!’ If you saying, ‘Fuck Floyd Mayweather,’ you saying, ‘Fuck Al Haymon!’”

And Mayweather finished things off by calling Broner out for taking an unnecessary shot at Caitlyn Jenner following his last fight.

“You are there taking shots at Bruce Jenner,” he said. “When it’s all said and done, let Bruce Jenner live his life the way he wanna live his life. Bruce Jenner don’t even know who Adrien Broner is, but Adrien Broner do know who Bruce Jenner is. You gotta watch what you say because you don’t never know who you may need in life or who you may bump into in life…Adrien Broner still has a lot of growing up to do.”

So far, no response from Broner. But we’re sure one is coming soon, because Mayweather really broke him down here.

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