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Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather did an interview with Fight Hype and addressed some comments that Adrien Broner made about The Money Team recently. Mayweather downplayed many of Broner’s accomplishments during the interview and also called him out for making an offensive joke about Caitlyn Jenner during a post-fight interview last month. You can go here to see everything that Mayweather had to say.

We expected Broner to respond to Mayweather at some point and, last night, he provided his response in the form of a 10-minute video that he uploaded to YouTube. You can watch that video above, but we should warn you: Broner does not hold back and uses a lot of foul language throughout the clip. Specifically, he drops the N-word more times than we can count and, unfortunately, he also refers to Mayweather’s Fight Hype interview as “some gay ass shit” on a handful of occasions. He says it so often that it’s a little hard to sit through some of the solid points that he actually makes.

His main point seems to be that Mayweather could have easily picked up the phone and called him rather than airing him out in an interview. Broner doesn’t pull any punches when he addresses the way that Mayweather chose to call him out.

“What you did wasn’t no player shit,” he says at one point, “that wasn’t no live shit. That was some lame fuck boy shit. You went on the Internet and sent out a message talking about somebody that you put on record as your little brother? Somebody that you say you love and care for and want to look after him and all this shit?”

Later, he claims that Mayweather doesn’t like all of his TMT fighters and says he asked Broner to be down with TMT once.

“Quiet as kept, you only fuck with a couple of them TMT fighters, you don’t even fuck with them for real,” he says. “You want me to be TMT. Quit playing with me, man.”

He also tells Mayweather that, while he told Broner that he needs to grow up during his Fight Hype interview, Broner thinks that he is the one who needs to be more mature about how he handles certain situations.

“Why would you make a message to little old Adrien Broner, man?” he says. “Am I that important to you, Floyd? Like, was that really on your mind when you woke up to call…Fight Hype and make a diss about Adrien Broner and put it out? And then you told me to grow up? Nigga, you got some growing up to do—and you older than me! Come on, man. I would never put out a diss and diss Floyd Mayweather, and I would never let nobody in my camp diss Floyd Mayweather. Even today, after the diss. I don’t play that shit…That shit you did was weak.”

And at the end of the video, Broner tells Mayweather to call him if he actually has a problem with him.

“It’s a lot of hate coming from over your way, and I don’t like it,” he says. “I’m really mad that you really made me stoop down to this level. At the end of the day, we both bigger than this bullshit. We both make too much money for this bullshit. I don’t make near as much money as you yet, but at the end of the day, we make too much money for this childish ass shit. Quit playing. Pick up your motherfucking phone, you got my number.”

Again, there is a LOT of NSFW language in this clip, so use your own discretion before pressing play. But if you’re able to overlook Broner cursing up a storm and throwing the words “gay ass shit” around way too liberally, he actually makes a few points in the video that are legit. Broner also took to Twitter last night to reiterate the fact that he wants Mayweather to call him:

Let’s hope that a call is made and that this is the end of Mayweather and Broner going back and forth like this.

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